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The Qualset Family

Family Updates


Whole Family Update:
We made it to Nebraska.  That's right, we finally are settled in and getting thing organized.  Things were a bit crazy on the move and we never would have made it without all our friends that helped us!
We would like to say thank you to all those that helped us with out move:
Kevin and Joi, JB, Jack, Ken, Brother Burton, President Kennington, and all the others (I know I am missing a few!) from church, who worked so hard helping us get the first trailer load ready to go and then coming back to help us get the UHaul loaded and with the last minute packing that we had.
Lynn, Darryl, and family, who went out of their way to help us with the horses.  They drove up from Nebraska to South Dakota just to haul our horses for us!  They were a lifesaver and kept me from being a wreck the whole trip.  I am so glad that I finally got to me you all (Lynn and Darryl are from our success page.  I have helped their family find horses!)
Thank you to the members from church here in Nebraska who came the first half of the move to help us unload the first trailer load.
Thank you to Mom and Dad Qualset and Zach for coming in the rain to help us unload the truck for two days!!!

Kody update:
20 Aug:  Kody turned 3!!!!  I can't believe it!  He was a bit sad on his birthday because it was also Angel's first day of school.  He really didn't want her to go!  Once we got home from dropping Angel off though, we had a lot of fun!  Lots of goodies and being spoiled (we went to the grocery store to get him everything he wanted to eat for his birthday...he picked breakfast, lunch, and dinner! lol).  Nana and Papa and two of the missionaries from church came over to have dinner and cake.  He opened presents from all the family.  His favorite presents were a cars baseball cap and a lightening mcqueen piggybank clock!

Emma Update: (30 Mar 2007)
Emma turned one last week!  She has been walking for a while now and is really starting to get in to trouble.  Her favorite past time is chasing her brother and sister around!  Hard to believe a year has passed already!

Angel Update:
20 Aug 2007:  Angel started Kindergarten!!!  It is hard to believe that she is old enough for kindergarten.  I did the first day of kindergarten photo-a-thon!  No tears for us though.  I think we were both very ready for it (mom is boring! lol)  She loves it very much.  Every day she comes home and tells me about everything she is learning and her new friends.  She loves her teacher, Mrs. Smith!  She also loves the bus ride (probably because she falls asleep on the way home! lol).   

Daddy taking me to school.
And of course Mommy is tagging along behind with Emma and Kody to take pictures!

Angel at kindergarten!
Angel standing in front of the sign next to her classroom door.

Angel hanging up her backpack.
Look Daddy is helping her figure out which hook is hers. Thank goodness he works at the school!

Fleet Update:
  Fleet has been determined to have Cushing's disease.  We are working very hard to save this big, gentle, loving boy.  Luckily Cushing's is fairly easy to control with proper diet and care.  Please see the page on Cushing's to learn more about this disease.

Misty Update:
    Misty recently had a minor set back in her training.  After working one day.  I was letting her graze in the pasture north of the barn where we work.  She had been doing wonderful the whole time we were working.  Suddenly CC realized that she couldn't see her anymore and started whinnying frantically.  Misty paniced and ran for the fence.  She was going to try to jump the five foot fence.  I moved toward her to flag her off and that is when it happened.  She hit one of the metal T-Posts (most commonly used with barbed wire fences).  She was extremely lucky because when I yelled at her, she swerved off and instead of impaling herself on the T-Post and most likely killing herself, she grazed the top of the post with her neck.  Because she turned off when she did, she missed her main artery in her neck, her trachea, and her esophagus.  The vet said that she was very lucky to be alive.  I just removed her stitches this morning and everything looks good.  She is a little nervous to be handled after the would be too after getting a shot for sedation, stitched up, and then when you were awake getting two shots of penicillin and one tetanus anti toxin!!!  She is getting much better and is back to being her in your pocket kind of self, just doesn't want the halter put on.  With patience and time, I can get her haltered, but it usually takes about 10 minutes. 
Please if you have T-Posts where your horses are pastured, take a moment and go to your fencing supply store.  There you will find a safety topper that will protect your horse from an injury like this!  It is much cheaper to buy the toppers than it is to pay for the vet bill or the loss of your horses life!

CC update:
  CC is having quite a bit of trouble with her knee.  The same one she got kicked in almost two years ago.  She twisted it the day that we had tornados going on to the west of us.  The barn door got pulled almost completely off its slide rail and the horses bolted out of the barn.  It wasn't as swollen for a while, but it is starting to swell again.  I am wondering if she twisted it again when Misty was chasing her around the pasture yesterday.  Hopefully with care, time, and exercise she will start getting better again.  She will never be free of the limp, but hopefully she will be comfortable again.

Please take a moment to help children as well.  Watch the ticker for Amber Alerts in your area!